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A Half-Step Back

I’m taking an anger management course. It’s been really good. I’ve learned a lot. Here’s what I’ve learned: (1) There’s nothing wrong with anger. Behaviors get me into trouble.(2) No one can make me angry. Getting angry is a choice.(3) Anger is a secondary emotion. Some other emotion always comes first, such as fear, or …

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I Hate You, Life

Life, I hate you. You can suck my balls. Life, if you do suck my balls, I’ll still hate you, but I will put an asterisk next to your name: Life* *Sucks my balls. Life, you’re just a standardized test, that goes on forever, which will never be scored. Life, being alive isn’t an opportunity, …

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Mr. Eagle!

When I was in the sixth grade I won my first elected office. Every sixth grade classroom nominated one boy and one girl for Mr. and Miss Eagle. Grades three through six would vote following a presentation where the candidates would make a speech. I knew that the sixth graders would all vote for the …

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A Book?

I’ve hinted on Twitter about some of the things I’ve done and been through. Some nice folks have been actually reading the stuff and even commented that I should write a book. And several even said they would BUY the book. I’ve been thinking for more than a year that I want to tell my …

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Chapter 5: Cathryn A note about my Mother and pink skies: No one made sunny days like my Mother, Cathryn. The skies were pink and the clouds were always the fluffy ones. The rain was always gentle. The air smelled sweet like honeysuckle and the bees always buzzed along without bothering you. You could play …

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2010 Calendar

For a while now I’ve been producing art on my computer using a program called The Gimp, It’s a bitmap editing tool with layer features, transforms, and filters. I’ve been looking for a way to make money with the art and it seems the best way to start is by selling a 2010 calendar. …

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