That’s Jeff Lazalier!!

I swear this blog isn’t the #1 tribute blog, but a nice person I follow on Twitter (@Tahillia) said she was watching Twister and suddenly I flashed back to one of the funniest things I ever saw you do… and I saw you do some funny things…

We were watching Twister in the movie theater…

There’s a scene where Jeff Lazalier, one of the local television weather guys, is in the movie interviewing the primary antagonist on television while the protagonists watch.

You suddenly yelled out, “That’s Jeff Lazalier!!!”

You were so excited!  You got a nice laugh from the audience.

Here’s that clip… used without permission.  Sorry.  Rent Twister.  Cow.  It’s gone green.  Another cow.

I’m pretty sure to keep your universe aligned with Pluto you need me to be your enemy, but I assure you I’m not.


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