Rain on the Windshield

I drove across the country to see your mother in 1992.

She said she liked this band called The Posies, so I bought an album and packed it along with 100 or so other CDs of mine for the trip.

The only thing that varies between McDonalds in this land is the price of Coca Cola.  Coke is more expensive in the desert.

When I left Vancouver, I drove east along the Washington Oregon line on Interstate 84.  It was raining that day.  I played the Posies CD over and over.  I was happy to have seen Little #1, but sad to have to leave her.

When I got into the mountains the rain had stopped, but everything was covered in snow.  The road was slick.  The driving got a little scary.

This song is from that Posies album, Dear 23.


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