Happy Birthday Again, Little Man

I’m not writing anything these days.  I work stuff up in my head then just let it go.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot.  You’re ten today.

This morning it was warm.  I sat outside on the back steps, soaking up sunshine while I gave Duke (big dumb dog) a cranial massage.  Duke is a big, black dog.  He’s about 2 years old.  He’s mighty, lives outside, and I feed him.  Today I sat with him for a while on the back steps.  It rained all day Thursday, so everything is wet and muddy and the air felt moist and smelled like grass.  Duke kept trying to put kisses on me, but I don’t like that, so I kept moving my head out of reach.  I thought about you.

I hope you know I love you and I hope you’re having a very happy birthday.

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