Winter Update, 2013 – Giving up Lint for Lent

Going for green in 2013!

I’m going to use the ordered list for this.  Get ready.

  1. Item number 1.  A. Use ordered list.
  2. (b) II I’ve been singing along with music onto video of me driving around central Oklahoma and then upload the noise (with moving pictures) to Facebook.  There is a point.  I had a little issue with forgetting a poem I was to recite on stage in the sixth grade, but I learned about needing to learn the poem like 2 hours before the show, just after Tracy Williams’ mom called her in as to sick to go to school, or recite poems, snot not withstanding.  I don’t know what that means.  But, singing onto something that I know others might hear (and putting it where they might hear it) is part of my desensitization exercise.  I can sing.  I can sing very well.  No one knows it, but I can sing.  And creating music is one of the things I’d wanted to do before I don’t have living vocal cords… so.
  3. I switched from smoking cigarettes to this vapor thing.  And then my vapor thing stopped working and I was sorta jonsing for the smoking and so bought a pack of cigarettes, which I did smoke, but I didn’t like them very much. They’re nasty.  They don’t taste as good… and the dang smoke coming through those things is hot.  Yuck.  Stephanie took my gear into the vapor store, which is a little like a head shop, but no one says, “Hey, man..” and my vapor thing is once again shooting out vapor that tastes like cinnamon and loves like nicotine.
  4. I can also sort of play guitar. I used to have a guitar, but I abandoned it in the divorce.  I taught myself the basics.  I could play a bit of a Spanish guitar type thing… It was fun.  I was self conscious about practicing with people in the house… even kids.  So, this time I’m going to get one of those pawn shop Peavy jobbers that some kid handed over for pot money… I think I might have to spend $30.  And then I’ll get a little amp/headset thing.  Yah.  
  5. Spring is coming.  This is the most exciting and difficult time for the caveman.  I figured out over these last couple of years that my mid-life crisis hasn’t been exactly about younger women, it’s been about babies… and younger women mean babies… pretty much… I’m thinking the reason some men trade to a younger model isn’t just because they’re younger, it’s because they’re driven to have another family.  Maybe.  Boobies!  Anyway… There are now new babies in the house so we’ll see how that theory goes. 
  6. I forgot I was putting in my own ordinals in addition to using the ordered list.  This is bullet point VI(g) sub-paragraph Alpha of the Antarian Democrolytic Bagpipe.  Read it well, know its words, feel its impact.
  7. Based on my rereading of item #6, above, and the corrections I had to make to basic grammar, the previous five subparalyticgrapinombs might also have errors, but I’m not rereading them.
This post needs a picture.
At the bottom.
Of my nose.
Things are good.
Really good right now.
I’m guessing they always were, but I wasn’t looking at them rightly.


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