Excerpt from “Selling: The Proud Profession” – Zig Ziglar (c)1976

“…[President] Theodore Roosevelt, he sent the [Great] White Fleet around the world.
And he was saying to the world, ‘Look world, we’re not gonna be a power, we are a power.’ And he came back and uttered one of the great sales sentences of all time when he said: ‘We will speak softly, but we’ll carry a big stick.’ That’s selling — any way you cut it.
You know why I’m proud to be a salesman?
I’m proud to be a salesman. We, we talked earlier about money. Did you know that last year only 3% of the people in America earned $25,000 or more? And that 80% of the 3% are directly or indirectly in the world of selling, or sales management, or advertising?
Did you know that 3 times as many people from the sales department get into executive positions as from any other department?
Did you know that as sales people we have the lowest rate of nervous breakdown of any of the professions?
That’s right.
Did you know we have…” 
Created by Zig Ziglar (c)1976 — I’ve recorded this excerpt without claiming rights or requesting permission. I hope this doesn’t offend.


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