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Welcome to this special edition of Joe Streams Stuff Live Instead of Just Doing Stuff with Joe, I’m Joe.

Earlier I thought I should begin writing again. Every time I being to form a plan to write something, a plan that includes some of the following (why, what, and when, maybe a how). It’s the plan perhaps that stops me. What do I want to write about, and why? Do I want to tell you something? If I do want to tell you something, what is it that I want to tell you? Do you need to know these things? For that matter, do I know anything? This isn’t the question of whether I am, because I think, but whether I matter even if I don’t think so.

My solution

Begun writing. Keep writing. Don’t worry about why I’m writing or even what I’m writing. The words will come because in my experience great work has never come from premeditation nor planning.

I love the word, nor.

I didn’t do that nor this.

Thinking about the future could be as useless as writing about the future.

I just edited what I was about to write in my head. That ended that thought because I didn’t like it, and I’m not going to write it. If I’d typed it, a quite revealing, possibly vulnerable moment would have been recorded in prose and captured in the livestream for all posterity. Generations of our descendents will be able to their noggins directly into this story via a coaxial cable to their home infotestament units.

Infotestament Units

In the future, we’re all going to be required to plug our brains into a government sanctioned, but privately branded device (contracted through the lowest possible bidding process) that both informs us and collects our daily pledges of loyalty to The Leader.

The Leader

The Leader is an asshole, so I pledge like you do. Everybody thinks they’re going to be a hero until a tanks roll out. We thought we’d be able to protect ourselves from government assholery with a well regulated militia. We pledged ourselves to The Leader’s promises, that he believed in us and we should tear down the broken republic, and we did, then he turned the tanks on us.


On the personal front:

His brain dried up trying to consider anything on the personal front.

I’m going to go construct.

So Anyway

Because this is livestreamed I’m editing what I do anyway, of course. I might as well just say what comes out of my head if I’m concerned about being honest when discussing myself (ick) or about letting the work flow when writing a fictional story. If I’m thinking ahead about what I’m going to write then I’m probably throwing away one of the better features of the writing process: That it’s written before people read it. I can read what I wrote earlier and pick up where I left off.

I do want to write somewhere sometime (and here’s the where and when) because (here comes the why) –brain editing–

NONE OF THIS MATTERS. I can certainly do better than be a “loser” to modern society — if I want to play the human game. We’re as natural as honey bees, don’t get me wrong. But there’s more to nature than people and bees.

Living In The Way half way doesn’t necessarily work.

Enlightenment shatters illusions and sometimes the lives of the enlightened.

Jordyn and Josie: I love you even though I don’t know you. Kristi: I love you even though I do know you. HEHE Kidding. I don’t know you, either. I don’t stop loving people just because we don’t wanna be together.

The original plan was to write something in the morning and rewrite it in the evening. If you’re living In The Way, then you know planning is wasted regarding the Real World no matter how utilitarian it is in The Economy.


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