Greatest Mark Barbee Moment

We’ll start with a funny Mark Barbee moment.

We were playing pinball in a biker bar in Tulsa.  Some guy was waiting.  When the game was over, Mark put another quarter in the machine.  The guy voiced his discontent.  Mark voiced his lack of concern in a humorous way.

The guy opened his jacket to show Mark his pistol.

Mark smiled, “I think I see your point.”

We retreated.

Some other night we had been impressing ourselves with our ability to order and consume doubles.

Mark had this weird way of playing pool better and better as a night went on.  I think it was a little like fighting the practice droid with the blast shield down — your eyesight can only play tricks on you.

We were playing a couple of good ol’ boys.  Their backs were against the wall when they left Mark with an impossible shot — the cue ball trapped behind one of their balls.

Mark hunkered down and prepared to jump the cue ball.

One guy said, “We don’t play that way in Oklahoma, son.”

Mark came back, “I play by federal rules.”

He jumped the ball, made the shot.



3 responses to “Greatest Mark Barbee Moment”

  1. On my 30th birthday I had a rolling bar party and Mark was one of the attendies. At the end of the night we took mark home, he had a bit too much to drink. He couldn't find his keys so we left him passed out in his front yard. I tied his shoe laces together. After leaving we forgot to give him his cigerettes so we circled back around. He was sitting up, looking at his shoes, couldn't quite figure out what was happening.

    Mark's a good guy!

  2. You're one to talk!! I've read your blog, too… loser.

  3. Holy shit, Joe! Have read some of this crap on your blog? For the love of whatever you find holy today, consider revising your history here. They don't want to know it and you need to pretend it didn't happen. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. Wait, which home?

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