Adaptation: You are what you love, not what loves you.

The movie Adaptation was released in 2002 and this clip is used here without permission.  I’m hoping the creators won’t mind — especially if you decide to see the movie.

Nicolas Cage plays twins.  One is neurotic and unhappy, the other enjoys life.  They’re in some trouble and hiding when this conversation takes place.

It would be customary for me to write something about myself and it’s almost obligatory after stealing a clip from a movie about a screenwriter who cannot adapt a book, so he ends up writing about his attempt to adapt the book, but I’m not going to do it.

Some people read the earliest postings of this blog and said I should write a book about myself.  There’s no point: I have no ending.  When you finish a story, the character(s) should have changed in some way…  It’s advice given in the movie by the character, Robert McKee (also a real person).  Hopefully, there’s some sort of resolution, good or bad.  Otherwise, people won’t tell their friends to read the book.

Shit.  I just wrote something about myself.

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