Three and a Half Minutes

This is three and a half minutes of a 12-way video chat (used without permission).

I started recording this because the keyboard guy was doing such a good job.

I don’t know why some people like to broadcast themselves playing video games, or just sitting there staring at a screen.  I guess it’s kind of like all sitting in a room together, some paying attention to others, some in their own world.

I can’t help but wonder what we would have done at 18 on something like this.

24 years ago, we sat on bulletin boards no larger than about 8 lines… and chatted with 7 other people… by typing.

I have a friend who hosts little chats on this service.  It’s basically her broadcasting and others typing in comments.  I have to admit I don’t do it because I would feel pressure to entertain… and I’m usually naked.


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