The Reason(s) Heterosexual Geeks Like to Watch Chuck

Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker

Chuck is a television series appearing on NBC.

You can see episodes here on

Here are the reasons geeks watch Chuck.

(1) Chuck is a geek.
(2) Yvonne Strahovski has a license to kill.
(3) Chuck becomes a spy.
(4) Yvonne Strahovski carries two weapons at all times.
(5) Chuck gets to hang out in the secret hangout.
(6) Yvonne Strahovski speaks at least one language.
(7) Yvonne Strahovski…

When the series first started off, Chuck was a mild mannered, underachiever working at television’s version of a Best Buy (the BuyMore) because he dropped out of college for some reason.  His sister and her boyfriend (they call Awesome) are doctors.  Then something happens and he’s implanted with some sort of brain super computer and gets pressed into service for the CIA.

How’s that for terrific??

And, his handler/protectors are Yvonne Strahovski (Agent Walker) and Adam Balwin (Colonel Casey).

Yvonne Strahovski (mostly just being Googled)

What’s not to like?  Chuck gets to hang out with spies… one female (bonus) and one that’s kind of like the older brother you wish you always had, who stops people from killing you by killing them deader, who might not admit he likes you, but still, he’ll shoot them deader.

I’m not going to fix my writing.

And, strangely enough, Adam Baldwin brought up about 23,000 more Google results than Yvonne Strahovski, but he has fewer images and they start in the forth block.

Adam Baldwin as Colonel John Casey

Do you think that’s sexist that I’m showing Adam Baldwin’s text above his pictures, but I didn’t bother showing Yvonne Strahovski’s text below her pictures?

Oh, get over yourself.  I don’t care about Adam Baldwin’s particulars either — he looks cool when armed and you’re glad, as an actor, that he’s on our side.  God help us if he plays a terrorist someday.
I’m feeling a little dirty, like I’ve cheated, so I’m going to include one more picture.
This person has like 13,600,000 results on Google.
Jennifer, I’d never trade you in for a younger, better-armed actress.


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