Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)

Box from: Wikipedia about LEDs

OLED technology is going to completely change our lives.

LEDs are little lights.  The light is emitted because electrons try to jump across a semiconductor… they try because the semiconductor has holes for them.  When the electron gets there, a photon of light is released.

Electrons are all about potential.  They’ll flow in a circuit.  They move towards holes.  The holes want them.

Electron Holes: Read up on how semiconductor (silicon) solar cells work. Holes. Holes move. Holes need to be filled.  But the solar cell is built differently — there’s not a supply of electrons to fill the holes, so a semiconductor absorbs photons of light and fills the holes with converted electrons.

Ok, don’t read up.
THE MAN came up with a way to make LED’s out of layers of molecules sprayed onto flexible surfaces.
Semiconductors with different tunings can be sprayed into pixels of various colors…. And there can be more than one layer on top of each other.

The potential uses for elegant and efficient lighting, computer and television displays, keyboards with symbols on the keys, and art are just about unlimited.

I really want to create cool pieces of art with these things.

Optimus Organic LED Keyboard
Konica Minolta OLED Lighting
Samsung Transparent OLED Diplay


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