The .co Domain is Stupid

The .co domain is a really silly idea, except if you make money on domain registrations.

Here’s the idea: You can now get a name you’ve always wanted but couldn’t get because it was gone from the .com top-level domain.

Why do you need a particular domain name?  For advertising, I assume.  I’m guessing you want people to be able to remember who you are and how to get to your website. was gone, so now you’re going to get  
What about the confusion??
With, people will remember the .tv, probably.
With, they’re probably going to forget the .co.  Your ad just sent people to
No, the only point to creating a .co top-level domain is to reach into the pockets of people who are trying to protect their trade and service marks.  
Does bring up  You betcha.  They paid their money to keep you from getting it.
What a mess.  I think the international committees that approve top-level domains are probably made of people who own domain registration businesses.
I want a .joe top level domain.


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