Joe’s Theory of Gravity

Cute Little Earth Going Medieval on the Space Around It

I know the wise people first learn all they can about what other people think and have proven about a topic before they make up their own theories, but I have been called many things, including wise, and what people call you has an additive effect… so I’m generally pulled more toward the crazy end of the continuum than the wise one.

There was this guy who had the nerve to call himself Einstein.  Unlike me, he did study before he came up with this wild notion that objects of mass warp space.

If I understand him correctly, Einstein said that things warp space, so something moving near something large may appear to be “drawn” to it but actually it’s just travelling along in the same direction it always was, but the space in which it travels is warped towards the object, so it moves toward the object.

Relativity is actually two theories.  One is explained like this: Something in free fall is in free fall because that’s the motion something has when it’s not being acted upon by an outside force.

All this hoopla is based on objects in motion.

Ignore for me that apparently everything is in motion.  It sort of depends on how you look at things.  Space is expanding so if you think you’re standing still, really you’re in motion relative to something else.  You’re not moving through space, maybe, but the space you’re in is in a different position now than it was before because there’s more space between you and something else.

Well, Einstein, if you’re listening, I rebuke you.

I’m going to have to look up “rebuke,” because I think I’ve stepped out of line again.

Verb: Express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behavior or actions.

Ouch.  I now understand why I only hear “rebuke” used by certain people in reference to certain others, real or imaginary.

I’m saying that it appears space is warped, but actually space is being consumed by matter.  We feel gravity because we’re standing in the stream of space heading for the center of the Earth.

But, I think perhaps it only appears that space is being consumed by matter.
I think perhaps matter collects at points at which space is being consumed.
In the beginning, the early universe was stuff, but not all the stuff was the same.  Some stuff had the property of letting space into the universe and other stuff had the property of letting space out of the universe.
Matter takes up space.  
Matter can slow space’s exit from the universe.
More space is pouring into the universe than can get out, so we’re blowing up.
Galaxies formed in areas of the original universe where space was leaving.
The rest of the areas are where space is entering.
So, the galaxies are getting farther away from each other.
Next week on The Universe Is Between Your Ears: Why the sky is blue.  I’ll give you a hint: It involves puppies.


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