Why “I’m Done Whining” is so popular.

The most popular post on this blog right now is I’m Done Whining [August 24, 2010] – by far.

The reason?

If you search for “raining” on Google Images, it’s the seventh displayed out of more than 4 million results.

If you click on Similar or More Sizes in the Google Images search results, you’ll see it’s been used on other blogs.  For some reason, they display mine in the results.

Why does it appear?  The name of the file is “raining.jpg” maybe?

See where it says, “The image of rain …”?  That’s from the text in the post.  I’m guessing because the image’s actual resource name is “raining.jpg” and because the text of the page mentions “rain” that Google ranked it higher.

I didn’t take that picture and now I can’t find the page where I got it which I found by searching for “raining” in Google Images.

This isn’t fair to the person who took it, but I don’t know if the place I got it had rights to it.

This doesn’t make what I’ve done right, by any means.  At the moment, I’m getting some traffic from people who are probably just downloading the picture.

If you own the rights to this image, please contact me.

The Moral 

You should probably always create filenames for the images on your website that describe what people are actually going to see.

But, since everything is really about me
I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you
I’m not going to apologize for posting 
so much today.  


Ok, I’m sorry if the notifications of
these blog postings are filling up your timeline.

I’m not sorry I’m writing all this crap.

I like reading what I write.

Hi ho.

(I stole that line.)


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