AdSense: Is Google Telling the Truth?

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AdWords: Is Google Telling the Truth?

The problem is even worse with AdSense.

AdSense is the program a website owner can use to make money by providing advertising space to Google and their partners.

Google handles an auction for your space and you get a percentage of the take.

It sounds awesome.

There are lots of sites out there making big money with Google AdSense.

How does the content provider know what Google collected for the click?

I’m not saying Google is doing this, but it would be a simple matter to skim pennies per click off this end of the equation.

For one thing: You have no idea what that click was worth to Google.

Second: Google (rightly) reserves the right to filter duplicate and fraudulent clicks out.

So, you have to trust Google if you’re going to use AdSense.  If you’re a big enough web site, then you can sell space yourself.


I’m not saying Google is evil.  It’s just impossible to know what’s going on with AdSense.


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