Year: 2017

  • I found the blog title hilarious. Is there a meaning behind it?

    > I found the blog title hilarious. Thanks. 🙂 > Is there a meaning behind it? There is.     What do you think? The first thing about vision that isn’t explained is that fact you’re conscious of what you see. That’s an example of, “the hard problem,” in consciousness studies, or philosophy of…

  • No Black Holes, Infinities, Dark Matter, Nor Relativity

    No Black Holes, Infinities, Dark Matter, Nor Relativity

    Dick Cheney bought into Relativity.Don’t be like Dick. Yes, the atomic clock in orbit runs slower than the same model of clock running at sea level.  Time is the same both places, but the clocks run slower up there.  Did you know radioactive decay periods change?  Did you know G isn’t the same on Earth…

  • RON HATCH: Relativity in the Light of GPS | EU 2013

    RON HATCH: Relativity in the Light of GPS | EU 2013

    Category: I told you so. Perhaps you’ve already heard that GPS, by the very fact that it WORKS, confirms Einstein’s relativity; also that Black Holes must be real. But these are little more than popular fictions, according to the distinguished GPS expert Ron Hatch.  Here Ron describes GPS data that refute fundamental tenets of both…

  • Happy Birthday, Jordyn

    Happy Birthday, Jordyn

    21 years. Yay. It’s 4:18pm now… just a couple more hours, and that will make 21 years. φ I found worlds dustiest ladybug — Bomb Voyage (@jordynmccool) November 16, 2017 My aesthetic — Bomb Voyage (@jordynmccool) July 29, 2017

  • Chris Langan part 3

    Spend some time reading his paper, then let’s discuss.  It’s cool, I’ll wait. From Page 50: “The CTMU has a meta-Darwinian message: the universe evolves by hological self-replication and self-selection. Furthermore, because the universe is natural, its self-selection amounts to a cosmic form of natural selection. But by the nature of this selection process,…

  • “Big Bang Cosmology isn’t science,” says Scientists

    “It seems likely that redshift may not be due to an expanding Universe, and much of the speculations on the structure of the universe may require re-examination.” – Edwin Hubble, PASP, 1947 “The evidence that many objects previously believed to be at great distances are actually much closer confronts us with the most drastic possible…

  • How do you sound? Listen on Google – My Activity

    Hear your voice on My Activity  Find and see your search history, browsing history, and other activity that’s saved to your Google Account Hear my voice here Birkeland current – Wikipedia A Birkeland current is a set of currents that flow along geomagnetic field lines connecting the Earth’s magnetosphere to the Earth’s high latitude ionosphere.…

  • You yelled, “Riboflavin!”

    Joe Winett Apr 30 Remember Silence Hello Darkness, my old friendThese words we studied before the endA shooting star, I said, of meYou yelled, “Riboflavin!”,       and said I’d see,    To be with you like me,  Don’t say, pus. Riboflavin fondly. #riboflavin

  • Roland v Journey, R-Mix Audio Processing Software test drive

    Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ by Journey, single charted in Nov 1979 Yes, Journey tribute bands are, these days, retiring. I don’t claim any copyright, haven’t cleared license.  This is for demonstration purposes only.


    You can listen to DAVID BYRNE PRESENTS: ONE YEAR LATER at One Year Later  The presidential election in the U.S. was a year ago. These are some of the pop songs I’ve been listening to in recent months as this strange anniversary approaches. These are artists who for the most part are working in…

  • Hot Chip – “Look At Where We Are” by Danny Perez (Official Video)

    The official video for Hot Chip’s “Look At Where We Are” taken from the album In Our Heads, out now. From the deep silence of my mindIs something I’m trying to findWhen it speaks you know you will hear my nameNot so complex in designBut harder to mindAs I step, in vainWon’t you come down…

  • Audio of You Be Illin’ by Run-D.M.C., plus the cover by Carolina Chocolate Drops, et al

    1986 studio single by Run-D.M.C. Queens, New York One day when I was chillin’ in Kentucky Fried Chicken Just mindin’ my business, eatin’ food and finger lickin’ This dude walked in lookin’ strange and kind of funny Went up to a’front with a menu and his money He didn’t walk straight, kind of side-to-side He asked…

  • Imagination of the 3rd Kind (duh) Excerpt 1

    It was going to be huge.  Now you’ll have to finish it.