“Big Bang Cosmology isn’t science,” says Scientists

“It seems likely that redshift may not be due to an expanding Universe, and much of the speculations on the structure of the universe may require re-examination.” – Edwin Hubble, PASP, 1947

“The evidence that many objects previously believed to be at great distances are actually much closer confronts us with the most drastic possible revision of current concepts.” – Halton Arp

Thirty Years Later
Feb 11, 2005 Thunderbolts.info

One of the more famous of those “many objects” is the galaxy imaged above, NGC 7603. Its fame is due to Fred Hoyle selecting it to illustrate his 1973 Russell Lecture before the American Astronomical Society. He referred to its connection with a higher-redshift companion as prototypical of observations that required an advance in physics beyond currently accepted theories. For the first time in the history of the prestigious Russell Lectures, the Astrophysical Journal didn’t publish the address.


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