Chris Langan part 3

Spend some time reading his paper, then let’s discuss.  It’s cool, I’ll wait.

From Page 50:

“The CTMU has a meta-Darwinian message: the universe evolves by hological self-replication and self-selection. Furthermore, because the universe is natural, its self-selection amounts to a cosmic form of natural selection. But by the nature of this selection process, it also bears description as intelligent self-design (the universe is “intelligent” because this is precisely what it must be in order to solve the problem of self-selection, the master-problem in terms of which all lesser problems are necessarily formulated)”

Dear Chris,

The universe is what it is and what it always was and will be. There cannot be anything more than everything, and never could there have been nothing. So, obviously, the universe itself, as a whole, doesn’t evolve.  That’s just logical, a fact he surely knows.

Ominously, he brings up universal “self-selection.”   He’s already spent 49 pages discussing how CTMU is a way to define and understand reality, now on the 50th he begins to present that the reality is that the universe is taking an active role in its own evolution by taking an active role in our evolution.



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φ, Jacob!!!  🙂


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