WPA not WEP: Protected Your Wireless Balls

You know, it used to be that your stuff was basically secure because the number of people who understood the underlying systems and knew how to write software well enough to truly be “hackers” was pretty small.

Today, I think that number is still relatively small, but the Internet can be used to distribute their software, so anyone can download a program and call themselves a hacker.

It’s Evil Week on the Lifehacker site!!

Just change your wireless system from WEP to WPA.

I won’t bore you with the technical reasons why WPA is better than WEP.

It would bore you.

Pragmatic reason: Programs to crack WEP are easy to get and use.

What do hackers look like?

Here’s a good article showing what a journalist was able to find by sneaking into an apartment building.  This isn’t even hacking — the networks were not secured at all — he’s just showing you what he was able to see by sniffing the network.

A Hacker’s Story: Let me tell you just how easily I can steal your personal data


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  1. I know a journalist isn't supposed to be part of the story, but would have loved to see what "Wearing pyjama pants and an ironic t-shirt," looks like.

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