The Wasp and the 50th President of the United States went “viral” on the YouTube

Getting more than 20 views on a regular video I make is rare. This video has blown up because it’s being suggested on people’s YouTube home page. It’s probably the rather than me talking about striving towards being the 50th POTUS. Running for President? No, I’m striving towards being the President. There’s a difference. I’m

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6:18 Twice a Day

I was born on June 18th, so I appreciate it when I look at a clock and it’s 6:18. Oh oh!! Get this… I was born on 6/18 in the 816 area code. Nice, eh? And I was born / graduated in 1968 / 1986. Oh, wait … Born 6/18 in ’68 in the 816…

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These Minnesota Democrats Get It Done

“The Minnesota Legislature just completed what is probably the most productive session anywhere in the country since probably the New Deal,” he said. “Sweeping bills and reforms across every area of life.” Here’s a list of some of what they’ve accomplished in the State of Minnesota over this session: The party’s achievements in Minnesota, said pro-workers’ rights

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Essential Guide to the EU – Chapter 6 Currents, Filaments and Pinches  Bob Johnson – Jim Johnson December 6, 2011essential guide to the eu Planetary nebulas often exhibit characteristic bi-polar symmetries with a centered plasma pinch, polar jets, and an equatorial torus. Image courtesy NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team 6.1  Thermal Motion and Current It

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Aaronson Oracle knows your moves

JavaScript Break Youlike Russian break Apollo50% or Worse 25% Best by Joe(will break you) Scott Aaronson challenged his StudentsOracle Scored 70% to 80% Prediction Rates Then, we found one student that the program predicted exactly 50% of the time. We asked him what his secret was and he responded that he “just used his free will.”

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I found the blog title hilarious. Is there a meaning behind it?

> I found the blog title hilarious. Thanks. 🙂 > Is there a meaning behind it? There is.     What do you think? The first thing about vision that isn’t explained is that fact you’re conscious of what you see. That’s an example of, “the hard problem,” in consciousness studies, or philosophy of

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Happy Birthday, Jordyn

21 years. Yay. It’s 4:18pm now… just a couple more hours, and that will make 21 years. φ I found worlds dustiest ladybug — Bomb Voyage (@jordynmccool) November 16, 2017 My aesthetic — Bomb Voyage (@jordynmccool) July 29, 2017

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Chris Langan part 3

Spend some time reading his paper, then let’s discuss.  It’s cool, I’ll wait. From Page 50: “The CTMU has a meta-Darwinian message: the universe evolves by hological self-replication and self-selection. Furthermore, because the universe is natural, its self-selection amounts to a cosmic form of natural selection. But by the nature of this selection process,

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How do you sound? Listen on Google – My Activity

Hear your voice on My Activity  Find and see your search history, browsing history, and other activity that’s saved to your Google Account Hear my voice here Birkeland current – Wikipedia A Birkeland current is a set of currents that flow along geomagnetic field lines connecting the Earth’s magnetosphere to the Earth’s high latitude ionosphere.

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You yelled, “Riboflavin!”

Joe Winett Apr 30 Remember Silence Hello Darkness, my old friendThese words we studied before the endA shooting star, I said, of meYou yelled, “Riboflavin!”,       and said I’d see,    To be with you like me,  Don’t say, pus. Riboflavin fondly. #riboflavin

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