When I saw Barton Fink in 1991, I liked it, and I thought I understood the movie.  But, it’s easier to understand today. Sometimes things just get all balled up at the head office. Unrelated: I miss my babies. Thinking of better times, ahead or behind, makes things more difficult right now. Things aren’t terrible,

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Happy Sweet 16, BabyJ

One day, out of the blue,you asked me to wear this,hold that, and hang a microphone around my neck.You thought it was so funny.  🙂 I read my post from last year and it looks like I thought I was writing to a nine year old girl. Well, today you’re a woman! Try not to act like one

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Prison Ice Rink

In a dream I was skating around an ice rink, in a prison.  The rink was huge, and the ice was dark and translucent.  It was like skating around a dark lake.

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I’m up!

..and I’m up, after just a couple hours of sleep. I’m going to work on this video I was making for the song, Don’t Worry About the Government.  The copyright holder rejected it from YouTube last time around, but I uploaded it unfinished. [AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER] That’s enough for this morning!!  I

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1st Psalm

I’m not a Christian (or religious), but in 2007, I was alone in my apartment, very upset that I couldn’t get anything done that I wanted to get done and worried that I’d been wasting my life.  For some reason, my Bible, which I’d never really read, was on my desk, so I opened it

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More Captain Kirk!

I’m glad that I did some work today. I’m excited that I have the opportunity tomorrow to write a simple application with which my client can start making immediately. I’m really better at short term projects like that. Obviously, the trick for long term projects is to look at the as a series of short

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Facebook Cleanup – Blog Cleanup

Two people contacted me, disturbed, after noticing things missing from my Facebook timeline — they didn’t realize I was deleting items and they thought perhaps they were being blocked or rejected. I’m planning to go through this blog and remove or edit everything that makes me uncomfortable or that I don’t want my kids to

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Hi, Little (Bigger) Man!

My Son, 11 Years Old I heard that you just spent some time with your grandparents and that you’re doing great.   I’m glad! Heard they fed’ya Hideaway pizza… My favorite pizza at Hideaway is the one where every slice is different. The original Hideaway is in Stillwater where I spent a couple of years

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Why did DXM kill Andrew Michael?

http://www.andymaxfield.com/ Andy died because he took too much of a mixed cold remedy.  Those other things will kill you, including the “Tylenol.” I can imagine how it happens: Kids take a cold remedy and they think it feels “neat,” so the next time they take it, they swallow more.  I’ve seen lots of posts from

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Hey, Blue Hair!

It’s so very cool to have seen your 5′ 10″ self here tonight. You’d never believe how much you’ve improved my life by just being you. Peace to you, young woman. Update: Her name is Allison…and she told me that I act like a politician. HAHAHAH

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This black and while patrol car has an overhead valve V8 engine… Dear NBC Universal: Sorry if this is uncool.  I’m going to tell people that they can see every episode of Adam 12 right now on Netflix.

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“They Won’t Magically Turn You Into A Lustful Cockmonster”

http://deadspin.com/5941348/they-wont-magically-turn-you-into-a-lustful-cockmonster-chris-kluwe-explains-gay-marriage-to-the-politician-who-is-offended-by-an-nfl-player-supporting-it Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo has spoken out in favor of a Maryland ballot initiative that would legalize gay marriage. Yahoo has published a letter that Maryland state delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. wrote last week to Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, urging him to “inhibit such expressions from your employee.” This is Minnesota Vikings punter Chris

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My Dear Babies

In 2005, when I was ordered not to have any contact with you for three years, I was in shock all the way from the courtroom back to my bedroom — I was numb, like the numbness one would feel after losing a limb, I’m guessing.  It was a respite granted by my brain in

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The Miracle of Shady Water

When I tried to walk to Stillwater, I got very thirsty. I stopped at a couple of houses, but no one would come to the door. So I walked a little farther, up a hill, to where a canopy trees shaded an intersection of the highway and a road.  There was a cemetery sign and

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Being Flynn

This movie, Being Flynn (2012), has upset me. Nicholas Flynn never knew his father, an ex-con who always described himself as an excellent writer. In the midst of being lost in his own life, Nicholas takes a job at a homeless shelter.  One night, his father, Johnathon Flynn, checks in. Johnathon is there for weeks

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The World Was Moving

You know what this is about, right? Talking Heads: And She Was She was in the world,but she could hear the path to the spiritual world,she made sure she was quiet of mind (not breathing),she was with the world, but above it,she was drifting through the back yard (not going far from the reality she

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The Nines

I think this is along the lines of what has been going on with me. I have, at times, been sure that the messages I find were left by myself. But this could all just be a matter of projecting my own ego into it all. Other possibilities: Messages from “God,” psychosis, or just momentary interfaces with the

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Why Do You Live the Way You Do?

One question I have about you is Why do you live the way you do? Did you become so repulsed with the Materialists?  I quit trying to support myself because I was sure that if life became miserable enough, that I would eventually follow through with suicide. Failing to kill myself is still one of the biggest

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Dear Maidel Mit A Vayndel

Was just thinking about you. I don’t really want to talk about what’s been going on with me (all engineered by me to be much more dramatic than other people would have it, because, I think, I just need the excitement and disaster is so much easier to create than anything positive). My tendency (some

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My phone number works, but my phone usually doesn’t where I live. You’re welcome to email me though at joe@winett.com.

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No Tease

Dear Anonymous: No, I’m not a tease.  It plainly states on this page that these posts are dramatic on purpose.  I’ve also plainly stated that I won’t kill myself.

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Negative: Ignore

I don’t like to add to the negativity in the world, but I thought i’d record that as of today i’ve given up and admit that any positive thoughts i’ve entertained have been artificial. I have never felt part of the world, with the exception of late 1996 and parts of 1997 – a time

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End – The Cure

“End” i think i’ve reached that point where giving up and going on are both the same dead end to me are both the same old song i think i’ve reached that point where every wish has come true and tired disguised oblivion is everything i do please stop loving me please stop loving me

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43rd Year in Review

I’m welcome to consume one of these two items.Or the tape… I suppose I’m welcome to all the tape I want. My 43rd year started amid the summer of self-imposed insanity.  The summer ended with a really boring, yet hot and sleepless, trip to Quakecon.  Then the fall, although cool, was depressingly money bare, so

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My New Imaginary Girlfriend

Unfortunately, Jennifer Aniston is taken, so taken that she’s not even suitable for an imaginary girlfriend anymore. I’ve come to the conclusion that my recent girl craziness is more than just a midlife crisis, it’s an understanding that I won’t try to succeed for myself, for my children, or for the huddled masses whom I

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The Joy of Brain Damage

There was a text message waiting for me this morning, something like, “I just need to check to see if you’re okay.” I’m okay. I’m always okay, and it’s getting quite boring.  I told my grandmother last week that I was pretty sure I could throw myself in front of traffic, and would make it

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Happy Birthday

Today is Paul McCartney’s birthday. I’m testing out the blogger app for android. I’m thinking posting everything to facebook as I roam around might be silly.

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God Remembers When Dee Will Get a Job

Joe Winett shared Dee Wiley-Dixon‘s status. 6 seconds ago PublicFriendsOnly MeCustomClose FriendsFamilySee all lists…Shawnee AreaMightyPages.comUnion High School, Tulsa, OKOklahoma State UniversityAcquaintancesGo Back What you don’t know is that Dee skipped school the other day because it was going to be a 4 hour lecture on how to write a resume. We spent the whole day together with her

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