Rain on the Windshield

I drove across the country to see your mother in 1992. She said she liked this band called The Posies, so I bought an album and packed it along with 100 or so other CDs of mine for the trip. The only thing that varies between McDonalds in this land is the price of Coca

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Poker GUTS!

Hello My Babies!! I still miss you. I wrote this Flash game called Poker GUTS! http://www.winett.com/PokerGuts/ I’m working on a Facebook integration for it now so people can use their Facebook login to save their scores and interact with each other. I love you!!

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Hi, kids!! I don’t know if this will still be up when you find my blog, but I’ve been working in Adobe Flex on a project I’m calling ClickyTwisty. ClickyTwisty uses a set of rotating widgets to draw shapes on the screen.  It’s mesmerizing, I think. The link to the site is http://www.winett.com/ClickyTwisty/1 I miss

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I’m Missing Something

Kids, I love you. You need to know that in my early twenties my appendix was surgically removed. Just before they removed my appendix, a doctor poked it with his index finger, causing me to experience a sharp, searing pain.  The pain was so sudden and so strong that, for just a moment, I was

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Babies, I feel hopelessness most of the time.  I am so far under, I am usually sure I’ll never make it back to the surface.  Any period of time I don’t feel this way is due to distraction. I don’t blame the world, or circumstances, or luck, or the devil, I blame myself.  Things are

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Love Can Only Be Made

Kids, Many people will love you, but none of them can give you love. The love you feel, you made. You can choose to love whatever, so choose to love everything. I want to quit writing things to entertain myself, or teach myself, or show someone I did something, or was something, or want to

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I won’t be writing anything publicly for a long while. My babies, I love you.  A little DNA can go a long way.

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Happy Birthday, Baby J!

Happy Birthday, Baby J. I LOVE YOU  I hope you’re having fun today and that everyday to come will be a good one.  I hope you have a positive mental attitude that will carry you through the rough days and that you’re able to find the silver lining. 14 years. My happiest days ever are

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Sarah Palin admires Simon Cowell

In her latest book, Sarah Palin revealed her admiration for Simon Cowell, writing that Cowell is “almost alone in his willingness to tell hard truths” to bad singers. “No one they’ve encountered in their lives – from their parents to their teachers to their president – wanted them to feel bad by hearing the truth.

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God Killed Two Oklahoma Teens to Avenge Tire Slashing, According to Westboro Baptist Church

Screenshot of Westburo Baptist Church’s Websitehttp://www.GodHatesFags.com I’m not really sure I should bother writing about this because I might be helping Pastor Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS spread his message. On second thought, the more his message is spread the more damage he does to his own cause, so let’s light

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10,000,000,000,000 °C

Image (c) CERN – Click here for more What happens when you smash lead ions into each other at really high speeds? You get fireballs of quark-gluon plasma at 10 trillion °C acting like a perfect liquid instead of a gas. This is the highest temp ever in an experiment and the fireballs were described

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Online Marketing Double-Speak!

I love to sign up for these things and read what they have to say.  This one is pretty funny. These are images taken from my browser window.  All of this appeared on the same page, in this order.  I’m skipping the boring parts. I can hardly wait!! Yep.  This is a good sign entertainment

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Why the Sky is Blue

The sky is blue because puppies are cute. Actually, the sky is blue because the molecules in the atmosphere scatter more blue light than red light.  This is why when the sun is low on the horizon the sky looks more red — the blue light was scattered away from our line of sight. It

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The “Sales Letter” Website

This is what I call a “sales letter” website. I’ve seen dozens of these selling all sorts of things from dating advice to kitchen appliances. The very first one I found was selling information on how to sell things on the Internet by creating sites like these.  Of course, the guy could hook you up

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Joe’s Theory of Gravity

Cute Little Earth Going Medieval on the Space Around It I know the wise people first learn all they can about what other people think and have proven about a topic before they make up their own theories, but I have been called many things, including wise, and what people call you has an additive effect… so

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The .co Domain is Stupid

The .co domain is a really silly idea, except if you make money on domain registrations. Here’s the idea: You can now get a name you’ve always wanted but couldn’t get because it was gone from the .com top-level domain. Why do you need a particular domain name?  For advertising, I assume.  I’m guessing you

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Phi 1.618

As you might have noticed, numbers are very important to some crazy people.  Since people have noticed this ratio in nature and deemed it “Golden” then as an homage to my formerly crazy self, I’m going to remind you that I was born on June 18th at the center of the universe which is firmly

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The iHeadCrusher

Kids in the Hall did this on television… from Canada I think.Somehow Canadians appear on television in the United Statesfrom time to time thanks to the magic of theCanadian Electromagnetic Comedy Dissemination SystemI don’t actually recognize this guy.I did see Kids in the Hall perform a stage show in Houstonsome years ago.  It was one of

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RIP Trish

Trish died earlier this year.  One of her family members wrote this tribute to her. Rest in peace, Mrs.!!!  You really always did have a positive attitude going.  My mom did, too. Trish was a avid reader. She liked all kinds of books, and loved poetry. One of her favorite poems was How Did You

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That’s Jeff Lazalier!!

I swear this blog isn’t the #1 tribute blog, but a nice person I follow on Twitter (@Tahillia) said she was watching Twister and suddenly I flashed back to one of the funniest things I ever saw you do… and I saw you do some funny things… We were watching Twister in the movie theater…

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Look at the size of that cat!

I’m still telling your jokes. In the past couple of years, I’ve started saying Riboflavin is my favorite word. You’re the closest thing to a Muppet humanity has ever grown. That’s a compliment, I think. You can’t give something you don’t have and you can’t have something you don’t give.  I’m really, really trapped by

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Speed of Light

If you’re a pitcher who can throw a 90mph fastball and you find yourself in space standing on top of a ship travelling 100mph and you throw a fastball ahead of the ship… then that ball would be leaving you at 90mph relative to you, but someone watching from a distance would see the ball

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I give up.

I’m not cut out for this. Oct 24, 10: I figured out that suicide for me is about control.  There’s very little that I feel I can control.  I’m not in control of my feelings, my actions, my mission, my needs, my wants, or my will.  Most people exert no control over when they die

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I miss you.

I miss you. It’s getting harder and harder to cheer myself up, but this helps. I’m sorry if we don’t see each other again.

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joeDesktop: Learning to use jQuery

Screen capture of animation at http://joedesktop.com joeDesktop is a software product and associated online service I’ve been planning for a while.  The desktop software will most likely be done for Adobe AIR. I have been planning on learning to use jQuery for a while now though so I decided to do something today on this

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Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)

Box from: Wikipedia about LEDs OLED technology is going to completely change our lives. LEDs are little lights.  The light is emitted because electrons try to jump across a semiconductor… they try because the semiconductor has holes for them.  When the electron gets there, a photon of light is released. Electrons are all about potential.  They’ll

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The Infidel

This guy who’s a Muslim finds out he’s adopted.  He tracks down his birth records and it turns out he was born a Jew.  Then he finds out that his father is still alive, but he’s dying and the rabbi attending his father will not let him in the room because, he says, the old

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Babies and the Global Market

Plop down two little American brothers to crunch up some things with rocks and this interchange would probably be the same.  We’re all the same, but others convince us we’re of different worth. It makes sense to help your neighbor.  I agree, your neighbor usually lives right next to you. In America, even the poorest

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Nelson Mandela spent the first 18 of his 27 years in prison in thiscell on Robben Island where mainly political prisoners were forcedto spend their days breaking rocks in the hot sun. On the day of his release, Mandela called for peace andreconciliation with the white minority of South Africa. Out of the night that

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Three and a Half Minutes

This is three and a half minutes of a 12-way video chat (used without permission). I started recording this because the keyboard guy was doing such a good job. I don’t know why some people like to broadcast themselves playing video games, or just sitting there staring at a screen.  I guess it’s kind of

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Greatest Mark Barbee Moment

We’ll start with a funny Mark Barbee moment. We were playing pinball in a biker bar in Tulsa.  Some guy was waiting.  When the game was over, Mark put another quarter in the machine.  The guy voiced his discontent.  Mark voiced his lack of concern in a humorous way. The guy opened his jacket to

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